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Church History


     Riverview Missionary Baptist Church was initially built by the county for use as a school for Hensley Chapel.  A member and Mother of Riverview, Mother Anna White was the first teacher in this building; and we still have her first teacher’s desk.  In 1930, the school stopped using the building and it became the Riverview Baptist Church. The idea for this name was derived from the sight of the beautiful Tennessee River.


     In 1961, the church building was renovated to add a

fellowship hall, kitchen, and restrooms. Later the vestibule

and front restrooms were added. New pews were

purchased by church members and other individuals as

memorials of their loved ones. Since that time, many gifts

have been donated or given to the church by patrons and

members, including an organ given by Mrs. Grace Lee.


     Remodeling of the fellowship hall and kitchen and

additions of a new choir room, pastor’s study, and

restrooms took place in 1981.In 1983, the pulpit and choir loft were remodeled, a balcony, two classrooms, a baptistery, and a new pastor’s study were also added. The old pastor’s study then became the library and office for the church secretary.


     On Sunday, July 12, 1987, a cornerstone was place on the church displaying the past organizers and present officers and pastor of the church. In an effort to continue its growth, the membership of Riverview Missionary Baptist church purchased the land to the rear and side of the church site to provide parking spaces and sidewalks. The parking lot facing the front to the church was purchased in 1991, and in 1999 Mrs. Anna White’s house was purchased by the church and is being used as an auxiliary for conducting classes and other activities.  Renovations on the Fellowship Hall began on July 16 2006.  In 2007 the completion of the new fellowship hall and new classrooms, secretary office, and restrooms were added.  


     Riverview has been blessed with the following ministers: the late Rev Siler; Rev Fitch; Rev Phillip; Rev Flemister; Rev Lynn; Rev Van J Malone; Rev E. P. Crutcher; Rev W.T. Crutcher; Rev James Washington; Rev Freddie Davis; Rev F.A. Westfield; Elder John L Underwood Sr.; Elder Nolan Nevels; Rev. Jesse L. Jones,Jr.; and Rev. Anthony Cannon. Some of these pastors enjoyed long tenures, while some had only a short stay. Reverend W.T. Crutcher served the Church some twenty years longer than any pastor to date.


     Our current pastor, Minister Anthony G. Cannon, began his tenure May 2008 with great expectations. He has brought new energy, new expectations and a new vision to our church.  Through God’s leadership and use of Pastor Cannon, we have grown spiritually as well as numerically. Our Vacation Bible School has taken on a new look and approach and has been a huge success since Pastor’s Cannon arrival. Many new ministries have been started and existing ones revamped. We now have a New Members Class, Jesus and Me (JAM), church for our youth, Wings of Grace Dance Ministry, Followers of God (FOG), Creative Arts Ministry and Media Ministry, just to name a few we have seen a tremendous change in our youth and young adults! Many have stepped up to get involved in ministry and service to our Lord. Additionally, God has birthed new ministries, such as a youth Wednesday night Bible Study, RISE with a specific purpose to Restore, Inspire, Sanctify, and Encourage our youth; Friday Night Live, a monthly event designed to encourage our youth to have FUN in the Lord while also teaching them fundamental Christian principles; Future Leaders, a monthly event designed to prepare our youth for the future through career planning, practical knowledge proper etiquette, etc. We have also seen God grant boldness to our young adults as they participate more in worship activities, witnessing to others and standing for Christ in the midst of adversity. In the fall of 2012, we stepped outside these four walls to spread the word and love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Four members teamed up with other believers from the surrounding areas for mission work in Jamaica with Jesus to the Rescue. Again, in November 2013 Riverview members, including Pastor Cannon teamed with others from surrounding counties for a youth rally in Jamaica. Over 220 kids gave their life to Christ, To God be the Glory. March 2014 Riverview joined forces with New Covenant Baptist Church for a youth rally and Women’s conference in Jamaica. Last, but not least a ministry for the men of Riverview and our community Mandate lead by our very own, Pastor Cannon.   We give God the Glory for what he has done in the life of Riverview up to this present time.

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