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     Riverview’s JAM (Jesus and Me) is a worship ministry for children, up to

age 15. JAM is based on five core values of fun, safety, excellence,

Biblical truth, and love. JAM convenes during the 11AM Sunday morning

worship service time. It’s dynamic, exciting and rich in Biblical truth.




                                                                  JAM begins with a large group devotional time                                                                  time followed by a breakout of small groups for bible                                                              study and fun activities.


                                                                  JAM teaches children they were created with                                                                    a special purpose d that God has a specific and for                                                                  their lives.


                                                                  JAM teaches children that God has given them special talents and abilities and above all, God loves and cares for them beyond words.



Nicholas Jones, Team Lead





















     Riverview’s Sunday School Ministry is the church’s primary strategy to connect

people with Jesus, His Truth, His Community,and His Mission. Our Sunday

Ministry meets every Sunday morning at 9:30 There

is a class for every member of the family.


     The purpose of the Sunday School is not to

merely teach a Bible lesson. It is to teach and equip

so that we might in turn, teach others the eternal

truths we have been taught. It’s an environment

where you feel totally supported. You can ask the

hardest questions as you’re figuring out how to apply spiritual truths to your own experiences.


     It’s a chance to talk with others of similar ages and together look to God for meaningful answers to everyday life challenges.


Superintendent: Clarence (Mike) Johnson


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